Legacy System Modernization

A legacy system is an information system whose foundation is often built upon outdated technologies, but is critical to day-to-day operations. With the digital economy constantly changing, legacy system modernization is crucial to the success of any business.

In some cases, legacy “perception” is due to older user interfaces. The core of the system can still work perfectly well and by modernising the front end and re-using code that is known and trusted to your business you can achieve your objectives of a modernized look and feel.

Cudura Software are highly experienced in legacy modernization projects. We have helped clients across a range of sectors to modernize their existing IT systems and infrastructure.

Why Modernize your Legacy System?

Systems that have been operating within an organisation for a long time are often not only critical to the running of the business but are also still very relevant in terms of what they do (why they were built in the first instance). However, the technology employed becomes obsolete so businesses are then faced with problems inherent with an outdated system.

Modernizing your IT system which does the critical jobs required for your business to function whilst equipping your business to operate more efficiently and not fall behind is a strategy often taken by those with legacy systems.

Legacy system modernization is not about reinventing the wheel each time – it involves optimising systems and enabling your data, code, applications and devices to work smarter for you, to allow your business to:

  • Improve performance

    faster operation, increased data storage allows you to better cope with higher and unplanned input loads. Increased loading permits an exponential leap in productivity by via enablement of increased transaction volumes

  • Operate more effectively

    IT infrastructures and technology should support a business so it can achieve its full potential. A system that is reliable, fast and intuitive is essential to achieving this

  • Integrate your system with the latest technologies

    technology is driving constant change. Those businesses that are keeping up with the latest technological advances reap the rewards of opportunity for client engagement and interaction

  • Increase sales

    by improving your sales processes, enabling repeatable activities, measurable outcomes and meaningful sales performance analysis

  • Meet business objectives and planned growth

    Legacy systems often hold back a business from achieving its goals due to the inherent problems a business will face with a legacy system

  • Operate more efficiently

    The systems and applications a business has in place must be able to meet current day demands. The expectations of both businesses and customers alike in today’s digital age are that information and actions are required immediately