Data Migration Services

Data Migration Services

Seamlessly and efficiently move your data while reducing the costs, complexity and risks involved in database migration.

If not planned end-to-end, data migration can prove to be risky, difficult, and costly. The team of database experts at Cudura Software helps you “migrate your data right” from the start, working closely with your in-house team assessing the data, learning and applying the applicable business rules, and smoothly managing the project, overall.

Case In Point:

Organizations invest massive amounts of time, effort and money in procuring and customizing new ERP / CRM systems, or acquiring new eCommerce platforms. However, the problem arises when the enterprises overlook the challenge of populating these systems with legacy data. Since, the activity of data migration is left to the eleventh hour; it leads to dropping data from the legacy system right into the new system, resulting in lots of data leakage.

CRM Data Migration

Whether you’re migrating data from VTiger to Salesforce, from SalesLogix to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or from GoldMine to SugarCRM, SunTec Data can work with you to ensure seamless data migration to your new CRM system.

Cudura Software helps you with targeted data migration strategy and implementation, including:

  • Data Identification
  • Data Collection
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Cleansing and Harmonization
  • Data Verification
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Loading
  • Data Migration – Testing
  • Data Archival, Retention and Maintenance

We, at Cudura Software are well-appointed with skilled data migration professionals with experience of having worked on several data migration projects, facilitating you with a smooth and systematic migration of data. Using a consolidated approach and applications, we enable you to move your legacy data without disrupting your operations and services.

ERP Data Migration

We help you transfer your entire database including data and database schema between all the leading enterprise resource planning systems.

Database Application Migration

To facilitate smooth and secure business operations, we have transferred numerous custom Excel spreadsheets to well-formed and formatted MS Access and SQL Server database applications.

Discuss Your Project With Us

Cudura Software helps you with the complete process of moving data from one or more sources into your preferred target application. We understand that database migration can have a critical impact on your business; that is why we do not merely move your organization’s data, but also work on auditing and improving the quality of your data. Contact us to learn more.