Bespoke Databases

Whether making business changing decisions or simply trying to contact customers; a system is only as good as the accuracy of its data.

We are all increasingly aware of how much data is continuously being captured, stored and analysed on a day-to-day basis. Whether we are consumers passing over our information, or the operators handling it – effective and secure management is paramount.

Our experience in software and database development allows us to create technically sound architecture that is both scalable and secure. On top of this our creative and design team layers effective user interface and interactive elements to speed the daily operation.

Databases can take many forms – there are few applications now that do not pull from some form of data-storage.

Whether it is a simple database to manage administrative tasks or a system capable of transacting tens of millions of records – we can provide appropriate and cost effective development services.

Should you have an existing database (such as a Microsoft Access one) which you would like to upgrade we can also take care of the transfer of data from the old system. Full user training and technical support is provided to our customers for the lifetime of the system.o..